Hamersley Partners


Webinar: True Impact Investing Happens with Thematic Solutions, not ESG

Thematic Vs. ESG Webinar Presentation

Investors’ desire to make a positive impact is here to stay. Yet, there is massive confusion around impact investing. In this webinar, we covered the following points:

  • Companies are being compelled to disclose ESG metrics
  • Status of UNPRI signatories and assets
  • SASB – sustainability accounting metrics
  • ESG investing leverages these disclosures
  • Everyone is jumping on the ESG bandwagon
  • ESG focuses mainly on large cap stocks, not impact solutions
  • Thematic investing is focused on impact solutions
  • GEOS – listed thematic investment solution

We made the case that true impact happens through thematic investment solutions and not ESG.

This webinar was held on December 14, 2016.

Webinar: Raising Assets in the U.S.

Raising Assets in the U.S. Webinar Presentation

Are you interested in raising assets from U.S. investors? Are you aware of how U.S. institutional investors and endowments have changed their asset allocation?

Hamersley Partners has raised $4.7 billion for our fund managers since 2005, and we share our insights on the following topics in this webinar:

– U.S. investor distribution channels
– Evolution of asset allocation
– Recent asset flows
– Tips for raising assets in the U.S.

This webinar was held on April 27, 2016.