Hamersley Partners

For Investors

Why Hamersley Partners?

Hamersley Partners can save institutional investors valuable time and effort. As the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship, we will strive to understand the goals and composition of your funds or client’s funds. Our aim is to introduce you to managers who possess the expertise to fit your needs. We will ensure these managers remain visible and accessible to you. Our interests are aligned with yours: Hamersley Partners’ success and reputation is based on finding a suitable and successful fit between investment managers and sophisticated, discernable institutional investors.

Manager Selection Statement

We take pride in the managers that we represent. Our due-diligence process ensures our high-conviction in these managers. Numerous quantitative and qualitative factors are examined for all potential managers, and only those managers who pass our high standards of evaluation are appropriate for representation by Hamersley Partners.

  • Venture Capital
  • Top Down Global equities
  • GTAA
  • US Bank Loans
  • Green Bonds
  • Listed Equity Impact Investing Solutions
  • Long/Short Life Sciences

For more information on any of the managers or strategies listed, please contact us or call (781) 235-3235.